Intergenerational Education Mobility of Minorities in Turkey

Ozan Bakış (Bahçeşehir University)


This paper studies the intragenerational education mobility of minorities in Turkey, using Barometer surveys of Konda conducted periodically aiming to follow the political and social tendencies of Turkish society. We analyze four components of education mobility: bottom-up mobility, downward mobility, lower-end persistence,  and upper-end persistence. Alevi individuals, on the one hand, Kurds and women, on the other one, have opposite dynamics. Women and Kurds are less likely to have bottom-up mobility and upper-end persistence but more likely to have downward mobility and lower-end persistence. For Alevi individuals, this is just the opposite. We find that both gender and being Alevi interact with ethnicity. While, in general, Kurdish-female interaction is positively associated with offspring's education attainment for Alevi-female interaction this association is negative.

*joint with Alpay Filiztekin

Natuk Birkan Building, NBZ11
November 11, 2022 - 15:00