Thesis & Dissertations

Year Name Title MA/PhD Advisors
2015 Ahmet Altıok  Dynamic voluntary contribution under time inconsistency  MA Murat Yılmaz
2015  Gökçen Cangüven  Risk sharing rules and investment in groups MA  M. Yiğit Gürdal 
2015  Mustafa Metin Başbay  Empirical essays on the informal economy  MA  Orhan Torul 
2015  İbrahim Emirahmetoğlu  A Horse race among models of strategic thinking across similar games  MA  M. Yiğit Gürdal 
2015  Alp Güven Buğra Akyüz  A Comparative study of bubble components  MA  Ozan Hatipoğlu 
2015 Suat Akbulut  A Dynamic model of mixed duopolistic competition: Open source vs. proprietary innovation  MA  Murat Yılmaz 
2015  Ahmet Cem Peker  The impact of charity effort and transparency on the price elasticity of charitable giving  MA  Burçay Erus 
2015  Nebahat Ferda Ertürk  Two essays on informality  MA  Ceyhun Elgin 
2015 Can Sever Systemic risk and hetetogeneous leverage in banking networks: Implications for banking regulation  MA  Burak Saltoğlu 
2015 Barış Güven The Parisian Regulation Approach: Capitalism as a panoply of crisis tendencies  MA  Yahya Madra 
2014  Dila Asfuroğlu  Growth Effects of Monetary Policy under the Presence of Informality  MA  Ceyhun Elgin 
2014  Muhammed Burak Sezgin  Informality in Turkey: Evidence from a firm-level survey MA  Ceyhun Elgin 
2014 Ezgi Kurt  Political instability and long run economic growth across the Old World  MA  Kıvanç Karaman 
2014  Serli Kiremitçiyan A comparison of stochastic models of natural gas consumption: An application for Turkey MA  Tolga Umut Kuzubaş 
2014  Salim Ergene  Optimal monetary policy under the presence of informality MA  Ceyhun Elgin 
2014  Onur Özvarol  Modeling new monetary policy of the Central Bank of Republic of Turkey  MA  Ozan Hatipoğlu 
2013  Deniz Bayram Informal sector through structural transformation  MA  Ceyhun Elgin 
2013  Serdar Birinci  Shadow economy over the business cycle: How do formal and informal cycles interact?  MA  Ceyhun Elgin 
2013  İnci Ömercikoğlu Analyzing systemic risk in financial networks using network tools: For the case of financial break down of Turkish money market in 2000 MA  Burak Saltoğlu 
2013 Fatih Erkekoğlu Information content of risk reversal in estimating the value at risk of crude oil futures MA Burak Saltoğlu 
2013 Deniz Nemli Simultaneous auctions with private and common values MA  Deniz Selman 
2012  Erdal Karahan The effects of capacity problem in an era of decreasing non-renewable resources  MA  Ozan Hatipoğlu 
2012  Buse Ergün  An assessment of coping mechanisms with poverty in Turkey after the 2008 global crisis: A study based on Turkey welfare monitoring survey MA  Burçay Erus
2012 İbrahim Demir  Revenue neutral tax reforms in a DSGE model with home production and infinitely lived agents   MA  Murat Koyuncu 
2012  Tülin Araz  Financial literacy and credit card arrears   MA  Levent Yıldıran
2012  Ezgi Özer  Consumer preferences in the Turkish credit card market  MA  Levent Yıldıran
2012 Meltem Odabaş  A theoretical and empirical analysis of shopping mall formation in Istanbul, Turkey   MA  Fikret Adaman
2012 Bernes Karaçay  A dynamic investment model under time-inconsistency   MA  Murat Yılmaz 
2012  Emekcan Yücel  Essays on determinants and impacts of preference for leisure   MA  Ceyhun Elgin 
2012  Oğuz Öztunalı  Shadow economy and environmental pollution   MA  Ceyhun Elgin 
2011 Sümeyye Yılmaz Welfare implications of competition in a vertical market structure: a case of accumulator industry MA Ayşe Mumcu
2011 Burak Türkgülü Urbanization and structural change in an endogenous growth setting MA Murat Koyuncu
2011 Ali Yavuz Polat Macro stress-testing approach of credit risk: evidence from Turkey MA Ahmet Faruk Aysan
2011 Mustafa Safa Öz Empirical analysis of agricultural commodity prices MA Gökhan Özertan
2011 Serap Özçelik Determinants of customer satisfaction in the Turkish credit card market MA Güzin Gülsün Akın
2010 Ahmet Mithat Tunçez Essays on consumer behavior in the Turkish credit card market MA Güzin Gülsün Akın
2010 Ozan Ekin Kurt Endogeneity of economic perceptions in Turkish electorate's voting behaviour MA Kamil Kıvanç Karaman
2010 Hale Koç Real interest rates and fractional integration : the case of emerging markets MA Burak Saltoğlu
2010 Şebnem İleri Demand, competition and welfare analysis in the Turkish banking sector MA Levent Yıldıran
2010 Alper Alkan Essays on switching costs in the Turkish credit card market MA Levent Yıldıran
2010 Pınar Ertör Akyazı The Analysis of citizens' preferences for energy investment alternatives in Turkey: Nuclear versus renewable energy MA Begüm Özkaynak
2010 Nazlı Aktakke Labor force participation of women in Turkey: a microeconometric analysis MA Burçay Erus
2010 Ekrem Akkaya Erasmus student exchange programme: a placement problem MA Ayşe Mumcu
2010 Taylan Eren Yenilmez A Network analysis of Turkish financial crisis of 2000 MA Burak Saltoğlu
2010 İrfan Özbadak From gecekondu to apartmankondu: economic transformation of the squatter settlers of Rumeli Hisarüstü from 1960 onward MA Şemsa Özar
2010 Gizem Melis Muhtar Feminization of Employment in the Turkish Banking
Sector: A Critical Analysis
MA Şemsa Özar
2010 Çağrı Savcı Tax Policy and Informal Economy within the Context of
Productive Government Expenditures 
MA Ünal Zenginobuz
2010 Mehmet Emre Tokgöz Assessing Tax Evasion within an Endogenous Growth Model with Productive Public Expenditure MA Ünal Zenginobuz
2010 Osman Onur Uyar Do Rational Bubbles Spill Over? MA Ozan Hatipoğlu
2009 Orhan Torul Three essays on oil prices and economic activity in Turkey MA Emre Alper
2009 Gül Bahar Şenol The kindergarten rule of sustainable growth: a Schumpeterian Approach MA Oya Pınar Ardıç
2009 Serhan Sadıkoğlu Stay or go: the effects of migration and return decisions on human capital formation MA Ozan Hatipoğlu
2009 Seçil Öztürk Essays on determinants of efficiency for commercial banks in Turkey MA Ozan Hatipoğlu
2009 Gizem Korkmaz Explorations on the accountability of independent regulatory agencies MA Ünal Zenginobuz
2009 Caner Gerek Essays on a two-sided market: credit card market in Turkey MA Ahmet Faruk Aysan
2009 Umut Mert Dur Unraveling in two sided matching markets MA Ayşe Mumcu
2009 Denada Boriçi Competition and regulation in the Turkish credit card market MA Levent Yıldıran
2008 Orhan Aygün Secondary school placement problem in Turkey MA Ayşe Mumcu
2008 Gürcan Soydan A look at indirect tax system in Turkey based on demand system estimation MA Burçay Erus
2008 Gazi İshak Kara Essays on the competition and regulations in the Turkish credit card market MA Levent Yıldıran
2008 Esra Dereli Optimal amount of resource extraction under duopoly MA Ünal Zenginobuz
2008 Duygu Avcı Political economy of the environment in Turkey: gold mining conflict in Ida Mountain MA Begüm Özkaynak
2007 Hakan Karaca Managing irrigation-induced salinity: the case of Harran plan MA Gökhan Özertan
2007 Mehtap Işık Three essays in industrial organization PhD Ünal Zenginobuz
2007 Yavuz Selim Hacıhasanoğlu Essays on determinants of export, competitiveness and unit labor cost MA Ahmet Faruk Aysan
2007 Şanlı Pınar Ceyhan Essays on the internationalization of the Turkish banking sector: the reasons and the effects on performance MA Ahmet Faruk Aysan
2007 Elif Akben Consumer reactions to H5N1 avian influenza: the Turkish case MA Gökhan Özertan
2006 Ayça Bilir The Effect of The Private Sector on Geographic Distribution of Public Sector Physicians in Turkey, 1990-2000 MA Burçay Erus
2006 Didem Tüzemen Network Effects in Risk Sharing and Credit Market Access: Evidence From Istanbul MA Fikret Adaman, Oya Pınar Ardıç, Burçay Erus
2006 Gözde Şener Classification of Welfare Regimes Using Cluster Analysis: Where Does Turkey Stand? MA Ayşe Buğra
2006 Burak Ünveren On The Existence of Equilibrium in a Two-Class Economy with Production MA Ünal Zenginobuz
2006 Burcu Ciğerli Fundamentals Credit Ratings and Global Indicatiors: What Determines Turkish Soverign Spreads? MA C. Emre Alper
2005 Zeynep Burcu Songür Growth Performance of Micro and Small Enterprises in Turkey MA Şemsa Özar, Gökhan Özertan
2005 Sahibe Meral Çakıcı Financial Liberalization, Fiscal Prudence, and Growth MA C. Emre Alper
2005 İlknur Zer Money Demand Estimation and Currency Substitution: Evidence From Turkey MA Oya Pınar Ardıç
2005 Selçuk Eren Günay Price Discrimination in a Network: A Model of Telecommunications Network MA Ünal Zenginobuz
2005 Erhan Uluceviz Effects of International Interbank Lendings on Twin Crises MA Levent Yıldıran
2005 Uygar Yüzereroğlu A Multinominal Choice Model of Bank Choice with Social Interactions MA Oya Pınar Ardıç
2004 Ayşe Müjde Sürel An OLG Model of Production With Cash-In-Advance Constraints MA İsmail Sağlam
2004 Can Uz Actual and Revealed Comparative Advantage in OECD Agriculture: (1986-2002) MA Günar Evcimen
2004 Mehmet Oğuz Karahan On Properties of Return Distributions in Istanbul Stock Exchange MA Vedat Akgiray, İsmail Sağlam
2004 Elif Onmuş Economic Development and Convergence in Turkey: A Province-Based Assessment With a Special Emphasis on The Southeastern Anatiolia Project (GAP) MA Şemsa Özar
2003 Murat Ataklı Technological Growth in a Cash in Advance Economy MA İsmail Sağlam
2003 Barış Çevik Implications of Software Piracy on Social Welfare MA Gökhan Özertan
2003 Selçuk Özyurt Strategy-Proof Social Choice Correspondences MA İsmail Sağlam
2003 Burcu Yakut Turkish Welfare Regime in Its Current Transformation  MA Ayşe Buğra
2003 Yelda Yücel Current Account Adjustment in Turkey 1923-2002 PhD Şevket Pamuk
2002 Zümrüt İmamoğlu Inventory Behavior in a Cash in Advance Economy MA İsmail Sağlam
2001 İpek Özkal Sanver Essays in Matching Design PhD Murat Sertel
2001 Cem Başlevent Essays on Female Labor Supply in Turkey PhD Ünal Zenginobuz
2001 Ayça E. Giritligil Kara Public Preferences Concerning Social Choice Rules Explanatory Panel Studies PhD Murat R. Sertel
2001 Levent Ülkü Individual Transferable Quotas in The Black Sea Anchocy Industry MA Fikret Adaman
2000 Bertan Yılmaz Badur Common Volatility in Turkish Financial Markets PhD Cevdet Akçay
2000 Seden Akçınaroğlu Institutionalism and Market Oriented reforms in Comparative Perspective in Eastern Europe  MA Ayşe Buğra
2000 Emel Filiz A Structure of Joint Irreducible Sets For Classically Rationalizable Choice Operators MA Fuad Aleskerov
2000 Erkut Yusuf Özbay Numerical Representation of Binary Relations With Multiplicative Error Function: A General Case MA Fuad Aleskerov
2000 Bilge Öztürk Genetic Algorithm Learning in Modelling Learning Subgame Perfect Equilibrium Strategies MA Ünal Zenginobuz, Ayşe Mumcu, Fikret Adaman
1999 Mehtap Hisarcıklılar Occupational Segregation and Gender Wage Differentials in Turkey MA Hakan Ercan
1999 Fatma E. Karapaşaoğlu A VAR Framework in Analysing The Effects of Anticipated and Unanticipated Monetary Shocks on Macro Aggregates: The Case of Turkey MA C. Emre Alper
1999 Deniz Vural Weak Form Efficiency of The Istanbul Stock Exchange MA Berna Beyazıtoğlu
1999 Salih Begeç The Effects of Macroeconomic Volatility, Foreign Equity Investments and Capital Stock Market Volatility: The Case of Turkey MA Hakan Ercan
1999 Haldun Evrenk Regulation Duopolies Through Revenue Contests MA Ünal Zenginobuz, Fikret Adaman, İsmail Sağlam
1998 İpek Özkal Individual Manipulation of Marriage Models via Endowments MA Murat R. Sertel
1998 Murat Öztürk An Empirical Analysis of the Turkish Treasury Bills Market MS Berna Bayazıtoğlu
1998 Didem Eda Alidedeoğlu Bilateral Trade Volume Estimation for Turkey and Measurement of Revealed Comparative Advantage in the Textile Industry MA Hakan Ercan, Refik Erzan, Ziya Öniş
1998 Cem Tekinel Özdemir Membership Property Rights and Stability-Efficiency Conflict in Networks MA Murat R. Sertel, Ahmet Alkan, Semih Koray
1998 Mehmet Remzi Sanver Six Essays in Economic Design PHD Murat R. Sertel
1998 Volkan Kurt How Much of A Monetary Process Is Inflation in Turkey MA Meral Karasulu
1997 Ayçın Yelda Yücel Macroeconomic Policies During The Great Depression in Turkey MA Şevket Pamuk
1997 Yavuz Durgut Stackelberg (Dominant Player) Game in A Strategy Space of Quantity and Investment: The Case of Turkish Automotive Industry MA Meral Karasulu
1997 Banu Kıvcı Insiders and Outsiders in wage Determination of The Turkish Manufacturing Industry MS Hakan Ercan
1997 Cemal Cenk Tarhan Expectations Hypothesis of Term Structure of Interest Rates: An Application for Turkey  MA Meral Karasulu
1997 Şafak Topal Social Cost Benefit Analysis of Bosphorus Tube Tunnel and Istanbul Metro System MA Cevat Karataş
1997 Tansel Yılmazer Properties of Proportional Representation Systems MA Fuad Aleskerov
1997 Beril Zandisayek A Reevaluation of Turkey's Industrializaion Performance : Large and Small Firms During the Great Depression, 1929-1939 MA Şevket Pamuk
1996 Erkan Öztürk Cost-Benefit Analysis of Conversion of Organic Wastes into Animal Feed  MA Fikret Adaman
1996 Özgür Toros Stability of Equilibrium and Equivalence Results in A Cournot Oligopoly of Discriminatory vs. Non-discriminatory Workers' Enterprises Facing an Imperfect Labor Market MA Murat Sertel, Ahmet Alkan, Fuad Aleskerov
1996 Mehmet Mete Türköz Cost-Benefit Analysis of Caspian-Mediterranean Oil Transportation Project MA Fikret Adaman
1996 Ogün Akçin Consumption Income and Interest Rates: An Empirical Investigation for Turkey MA C. Emre Alper
1996 Suzi Apalaçi An Analysis of Inflationary Finance and Its Welfare Cost in Turkey: 1987-1995 MA Cevdet Akçay
1996 Ayşegül Başoğlu State Regulation in The Turkish Oil Industry MA Fikret Adaman, İzzettin Önder, Şevket Pamuk
1996 Cem Başlevent A Cross-Commodity Study of The Heckscher-Ohlin Model Using Qualittive Choice Models MA Osman Sarı, Günar Evcimen, Meral Karasulu
1996 Sencer Ecer Comparative Analysis of Some Social Choice Procedures MA Fuad Aleskerov
1995 Bertan Yılmaz Badur Macroeconomic Effects of Government Debt in Turkey: A Vector Autoregression Approach MA Cevdet Akçay
1995 Ahmet Çimenoğlu An Analysis of April 1994 Crisis MA Osman Sarı
1995 Şenay Güven Effects of Devaluation on Economic Variables: The Case of Korea MA Cevdet Akçay
1995 Özay İleri Özdemir The Causal Relationship Between Budget Deficits and Inflation in Turkey MA Cevdet Akçay
1995 Mehmet Remzi Sanver Direct Implementation of Pareto Optimal Allocation rules in Public Good Economies When Endowments Are Unknown MA Murat Sertel
1995 Cemal Türk The New Technologies and Developing Countries : Opportunities and Strategies MA Ziya Öniş
1994 Yasemin Barut Application of The MRP-II (Manufacturing Resource Planning) System in The Heating Sector in Turkey MA Cevat Karataş
1994 Alev Çakmak Econometric Analysis of Inflationary Effects of Exchange Rate Movements and The Effects of Capital Account Liberalization on The Exchange Rate in Turkey MA Cevdet Akçay
1994 Nefise Ece Dalkır The Role of The State in The Process of Socioeconomic Transformation: The Hungarian Case MA Ayşe Buğra
1994 Nükhet Germirli Measuring Central Bank Independence MS Cevdet Akçay
1994 Ayça E. Giritligil Kara Three Essays on The Economics of Workers' Enterprises  MA Murat Sertel
1994 Nezih Güner Government Behavior and Inflation in Turkey An Interpretation Based on Two Alternative Approaches MA Cevdet Akçay
1994 Rahmi Hakan İnceoğlu Privatization Policies in Turkey, Great Britain and Latin American Countries MA Cevat Karataş
1994 Ümit İzmen Turkey's Transfer Problem in The 1980s: The External and The Internal Adjustment Mechanisms PhD Günar Evcimen
1994 Şenol Kaya Options on Common Stocks General Theory and An Application on An Istanbul Stock exchange Listed Stock MA Reşad Kayalı
1994 Özlem Kineş Foreign Direct Investment in Turkey  MA Reşad Kayalı
1994 Tuncay Pekin Econometric Modelling and Estimation of The Turkish Automobile Market MA Süleymen Özmucur
1994 Hakan Sarıalioğlu Development and Export Policies of Turkey During The 1950-1990 Period MA Reşad Kayalı
1994 Dilek Sağlam Constitutional Economics MA İzzettin Önder
1994 Elif Ursavaş The Origins and Prospects of New Regionalism MA Ziya Öniş
1994 Muhamet Yıldız Monotonicity of Allocation Rules With Respect to Technology MA Murat Sertel
1993 Can Ayer Tests of The Efficiency Of A Given Portfolio Under Different Model Specifications MA Mehmet Kaytaz
1993 Alp Buluç Strategy and Structure in Diversified Firms: A Study on sabanci Holding MA Ayşe Buğra
1993 Nevzat İlhami Eren Coalition Structural Form Games and Stability Under Membership Property Right Axioms MA Murat Sertel
1993 Dilek Efser Uytun The European Monetary System MA İzzettin Önder
1992 Figen Yılmaz Import Substituting Industrialization, Populism and Bureaucratic Authoritarianism:  The Case of Turkey MA Oya Köymen
1992 Selim Somçağ The Transformation Problem MA Reşad Kayalı
1992 N. Murat Şarsel How To Privatize Public Enterprises in Turkey? Alternative Methods of Valuation MA Ziya Öniş
1992 Benan Zeki Orbay Three Essays in Industrial Economics PhD Murat R. Sertel
1992 Gonca Önder Monetary Integration In The European Community MA Emre Gönensay, Deniz Gökçe, Metin Balcı
1992 K. Hakan Küçükoğlu Internal and External Balances and Exchange Rate Regimes in Developing Countries MA ???
1992 Yıldız Günay Currency Option Implementations in Turkey MA Emre Gönensay
1992 Dilek Çetindamar Economic History of Planning MA Cem Behar, Oya Köymen, Şemsa Özar
1991 Sertaç Özinal Present & Future of European Capital Market MA Metin Balcı, Osman Bubik, Deniz Gökçe
1991 Fatoş Yeşim Kartallı The Theory of Pollution Control and Acid rain MA İzzettin Önder
1991 Necip Çakır Physics and Economics PhD Ayşe Buğra
1991 Sumru Karagözoğlu Öz Interactions Between Economic Integration and foreign Direct Investment: A Comparative Analysis Between Spain and Turkey MA Ziya Öniş, Reşad Kayalı, Şemsa Özar
1991 Banu Ezeroğlu The Effects of Exchange Rate Policy on Turkey's Exports Especially on Textile Exports MA Emre Gönensay
1991 Oya Erdil Ciğerim Changing Patterns in Internationalization of Capital: Multinational Firms From Developing Countries With Specific Reference to Turkish Multinational Firms  MA Ayşe Buğra
1991 Levent Engin Ottoman Teaching of Modern EconomicsFrom The Mülkiye School to The Faculty of Economics 1878-1936 MA Ayşe Buğra
1991 Ayşe Elerman Convertibility System and Turkey MA Emre Gönensay
1991 Ozan Çokdeğer Effects of Industrialization and Export Promotion Policies on The Export Performance of the Turkish Manufacturing Industry MA Reşad Kayalı
1991 M. Tunç Çöğendez A Study on The Turkish Insurance Sector With A Special Emphasis on Recent Deregulations and Its Protracted Impact on The Growth Of The Turkish Economy MA Emre Gönensay, Deniz Gökçe, Metin Balcı 
1991 Banu Beller Economic Liberalization in Theory and Practice MA Ziya Öniş, Şemsa Özar 
1991 Nükhet Attaroğlu Optimal Currency Composition of Developing Countries' Foreign Debt: Application to Turkey MA İzzettin Önder
1991 Ertan Yılmaz A Study of The Istanbul Stock Exchange MA Emre Gönensay, Metin Balcı,  Deniz Gökçe
1991 Rengin Yiğitbaş A Study of Aluminium Industry in Turkey: Potential Growth and Demand Analysis, 1965-2000 MA Cevat Karataş, Deniz Gökçe, Mehmet Kaytaz
1991 Meltem Yaşar An Analysis of Turkish Insurance Sector MA Tümay Ertek
1991 Kubilay Tüfekçi On the Failing Reforms in Socialist Economies MA Reşad Kayalı
1991 Aydın Ahmet Sanlı Velocity and Monetary Targeting in Turkey MA Mehmet Kaytaz, Deniz Gökçe, Metin Balcı
1991 Deniz Levent Özakhun Currency Substitution: A Survey of the Theory and Empirical Evidence for Developed and  Developing Countries MA Günar Evcimen
1990 M. Orhan Altaş Leasing State Economic Enterprises Against Foreign Debt Payments MA Emre Gönensay
1990 Ufuk Çakmakçı An Enquiry Into the Economic Theory and Practice of Socialism MA İzzettin Önder
1990 B. Gürdal Gök Liberalization and Development of Capital Markets in Turkey MA Deniz Gökçe
1990 Peyman Talay EEC Enlargements' Effects on Trade and Growth MA Tansu Çiller, Metin Balcı, Mehmet Kaytaz
1990 Pamir Sezener Futures and Options on Capital Market Instruments and Adaptability in Turkey MA Emre Gönensay
1990 R. Güneş Şenkal The Effects of Financial Conditions on Time and Saving Deposits A Case Study of Turkey MA Deniz Gökçe
1990 Mustafa Kibaroğlu East Side Story MA İzzettin Önder
1990 Pınar B. İlker How to Predict Inflation in Turkey MA Deniz Gökçe
1990 Mustafa Göktaş Exports, Growth and Causality: A Methodological Survey MA Deniz Gökçe
1990 Müjde Tuzcular An Evaluation of The Monetary Policy and Its Implementation in Turkey  MA Deniz Gökçe
1989 Mehmet Hakan Batur Coalitions and Business Cycles : The Politcal Economy of Stagflation MA Prof. Dr. Ziya Öniş
1989 Sudi Apak Macroeconomic and Sectoral Implications of Stabilization Policies: A Comparative Analysis of Turkey, South Korea and Latin America PhD Deniz Gökçe, Ziya Öniş , Nazım Engin
1989 Feride Doğaner Determination of Private Investment in Turkey (Application of Blejer & Khan Model)  MA Deniz Gökçe
1989 Nihat Kentel Debt Servicing Capacity and The Role of Public Investments: A Case Study of Turkey MA Deniz Gökçe, Ziya Öniş, Cevat Karataş
1989 Erol Ulukutlu Optimum and Non-Stochastic Growth With Product Multiplication MA Günar Evcimen
1989 Koray Akay The Transformation Problem MA Reşad Kayalı
1988 Ali Çarkoğlu Rational Expectations, The Natural Rate Hypothesis and a Test for Turkish Economy 1965-1986 MA Deniz Gökçe, Ziya Öniş, Süleyman Özmucur
1988 Gündüz Fındıkçıoğlu On the Current Status of Marxian Economics: Three Essays MA Cem Behar
1987 Fikret Adaman The Utilitarian Foundations of Utility Theory MA Ayşe Buğra
1987 Hayri Çetinkaya World Agricultural Products Trade and Turkey's Part MA Deniz Gökçe
1987 Nuray Sarptürk Application of The Flexible-Price Model to the Turkish Exchange Rate Determination Over 1980-1985 MA Tansu Çiller
1987 Mehmet Selçuk Yurttutan An Application of Optimal Control Theory to the Quantitative Policy Analysis MA Deniz Gökçe, Mehmet Kaytaz, Süleyman Özmucur
1987 Ekrem Ünal Zenginobuz Comparing the Performance of A Cournot Oligopoly Under Different Forms of Regulation MA Murat R. Sertel
1986 Mehmet Baç Application of Khan and Knight's Model to Turkish Economy for The Periods 1964-1980 and 1980-1985 MA Tansu Çiller
1986 A. Suut Doğruel Short-Run Agricultural Rigidities and Supply Performance in A Financially Repressed Economy: The Case of Turkey PhD  
1986 R. Engin Günan Optimum Currency Areas: Political and Economic Optimums of The European Monetary System PhD  
1986 Nilgün Yakut The Importance and Position of the Flat Glass Sector Withing the Glass Industry of Turkey Between 1977-1984 MA Deniz Gökçe
1985 Mehmet Nejat Anbarcı Democratic Capitalism With A Stock Market and A Bargaining Problem in The 'Nutshell' MA Murat Sertel
1985 Cüneyd Koçak A Study on The Economic Crisis of 1970s and Proposals: An Eclectic Analysis MA  
1985 Yonca Övet An Evaluation of The Post-1980 Export Performance of The Turkish Manufacturing Industry MA Günar Evcimen
1985 S.N. Zeynep Tözüm A Comparative Study of The Growth of The Public Sector in The EEC Countries MA İzzettin Önder
1984 Orhan Akışık Sources of Inflation in Turkey An Eclectic Analysis MA Deniz Gökçe, Osman Bubik, Metin Balcı
1984 S. Mehmet İnhan An Introduction to The Differential-Integral Formulation of The Labor Theory of Value MA Deniz Gökçe, Yalçın Koç, Mehmet Kaytaz
1984 A. Tarık Pişirir The Effects of Promotive Measures on Investment MA Mehmet Kaytaz
1982 Süleyman Doğan The Impact of Defense Expenditures on The Economy and The Economic Consequences of Disarmament MA  
1982 Caner Ertuna The Evolution of Western Economic "Aid" in Post-War Period: Theory and Practice MA  
1981 Müjgan Eden Choice of Industry and Its Significance in The Industrialization Process MA  
1981 Bilge Özbay The Pharmaceutical Industry in Turkey MA  
1980 Suut Doğruel Evaluation of Turkish Incentive Policy MA  
1980 S. Alpaslan Yüce Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Industry and Internal Combustion Engines Industry MA  
1975 Yalçın Baran Theories of Inflation PhD