Our undergraduate program provides students with a rich and rigorous foundation in all fields of economics. Equipping students with systematic and independent thinking skills is our primary goal. The courses we offer aim to strike a good balance between providing both an analytical perspective through rigorous courses in economic theory, and quantitative skills geared towards policy applications. In this regard, the curriculum puts equal emphasis on courses in economic theory, on quantitative methods such as statistics and econometrics, and on various other topics such as banking, development, the history of economic thought and Turkish economy. Our undergraduate program attracts the very best students coming out of Turkish high schools. Admission is through an extremely competitive national university entrance exam, and only 100 students with very high scores are able to enter the program each year. Upon graduation, students of our program are selected for high quality jobs in the fields of banking and finance, financial audit, and management in prestigious corporations. Each year about 15 to 20 percent of our graduates are accepted with scholarships to various graduate programs in prestigious universities in the USA and Europe, such as MIT, Stanford, Chicago, Northwestern, Yale, Minnesota, LSE, Tilburg, and Toulouse, to name a few.

Orhan Aygün
Undergraduate Coordinator


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