FALL 2007


Date Speaker Affiliation Title of the Paper
5/10/2007* Ayşe Mumcu Boğaziçi University “College Admissions under Early Decision” (joint with İsmail Sağlam)
19/10/2007* Annick Laruelle University of Caen, visiting Sabancı University “Egalitarianism and Utilitarianism in Committees of Representatives”
23/10/2007* Harald Wiese University of Leipzig “An outside-option value with exogenous payments"
26/10/2007* Marie-Laure Breuillé Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung “Tradable Deficit Permits: A Way to Ensure Sub-National Fiscal Discipline”
2/11/2007 Pınar Ardıç Boğaziçi University “Network Effects in Risk Sharing and Credit Market Access: Evidence from Istanbul”
9/11/2007* Ahmet Alkan Sabancı University “University Admissions and Shortlist Matching”
16/11/2007 Selva Demiralp Koç University “Money and the Transmission of Monetary Policy”
23/11/2007 Korkut Ertürk University of Utah, visiting Boğaziçi University “Globalization and Institutional Fragmentation: Towards a Post-Walrasian Insight”
30/11/2007 Aslı Demirgüç-Kunt Development Research Group (DECRG) The World Bank “Finance for All? Policies and Pitfalls in Expanding Access”
7/12/2007 Ahmet Akyol York University “Unsecured Credit and Self–Employment”
14/12/2007 Ümit Özlale Bilkent University “Does Inflation Targeting Matter? Evidence from Industrialized Countries”


* joint with Center for Economic Design



Date Speaker Affiliation Title of the Paper
9/3/2007 Tansel Yılmazer Purdue University “Marriage and the Allocation of Assets in Women's Defined Contribution Plans”
16/3/2007 Coşkun Küçüközmen Central Bank of Turkey and Middle East Technical University “A Macro-econometric Model for Stress Testing Credit Portfolio”
23/3/2007 Müge Adalet Victoria University of Wellington “The Effect of Financial Structure on Crises: Universal Banking in Interwar Europe”
13/4/2007 Taner Yiğit Bilkent University “Inflation Targeting: An Indirect Approach to Assess the Direct Impact”
20/4/2007 Thanasis Stengos University of Guelph “Nonlinearities in economic Growth: A Semiparametric Approach applied to Information Technology Data”
7/5/2007 Burçin Ünel University of Florida “International R&D Alliances”
11/5/2007 Steven A. Matthews University of Pennsylvania “Smooth Monotone Contribution Games”
18/5/2007 Tolga Yüret Koç University “Restriction on Stating Preferences in College Admissions in Turkey”
7/6/2007 Ali Akarca University of Illinois at Chicago “Economic Performance and Political Outcomes: An Analysis of the Turkish Parliamentary and Local Election Results Between 1950 and 2004”  (joint with Aysit Tansel)


* joint with Center for Economic Design