Fall 2019

Schedule: Friday, 3:00-4:30 pm. Other dates/times as announced.

Place: Department of Economics Murat Sertel Lounge, Natuk Birkan Building (MAP)

Organizers: M. Yiğit Gürdal & Yeliz Kaçamak & Murat Koyuncu

Date Speaker Affiliation Title of the Paper
Dec 26, 2019      Yunus Aksoy Birkbeck University Time Variation in Lifecycle Consumption and Housing Wealth (joint with CED) Abstract
Dec 24, 2019 Gizem Bacaksızlar Santa Fe Institute Political Behavior in Online Networks Abstract
Dec 19, 2019 Lydia Assouad Paris School of Economics
Charismatic Leaders and Nation-Building: Ataturk's Visits in Turkey (joint with CEE) Abstract
Dec 16, 2019     CEE 2019 Conference: Economics of Matching
Nov 21, 2019 Orkun Saka University of Sussex Lending Cycles and Real Outcomes: Costs of Political Misalignment Abstract
Nov 11, 2019 Hakkı Yazıcı Sabancı University Optimal Fiscal Policy under Declining Labor Share (with Orhan Erem Ateşağaoğlu) Abstract
Nov 8, 2019 Mehmet Barlo Sabancı University Behavioral Implementation under Incomplete Information Paper
Nov 1, 2019 Cevat Giray Aksoy EBRD Refugee Crisis, Flight to Safety and Entrepreneurship  (with Nicolas Ajzenman and Sergei Guriev) Abstract
Oct 11, 2019 Burak Ünveren Yıldız Technical University Estimating a Dynamic Model with Unequal Opportunities
Sep 27, 2019 O. Erem Ateşağaoğlu Bilgi University Foreign Direct Investment as a Determinant of Cross-Country Stock Market Comovement
Sep 19, 2019 Gareth Myles University of Adelaide Some Economic Implications of Advances in Genetics (joint with CED) Abstract


Spring 2019

Friday, 3:00-4:30 PM
Wednesday, 3:00-4:30 PM

Department of Economics Murat Sertel Lounge, Natuk Birkan Building

Organizers: M. Yiğit Gürdal & Murat G. Kırdar & Orhan Torul

 Date Speaker Affliation Title of the Paper
Jun 21, 2019                Guillermo Hausmann-Guil Bank of Lithuania and Vilnius University Solving Heterogeneous-Agent Models around the Ergodic Steady-State Abstract
Jun 14, 2019 Jan Stuhler Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Kinship Correlations and Intergenerational Mobility Abstract
May 30, 2019 So Kubota Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study Culture, Gender, and Structural Transformation: A Case in Turkey Abstract
May 17, 2019 Gazi Kara Federal Reserve Board of Governors Policy Uncertainty and Bank Mortgage Credit (with Youngsuk Yook) Abstract
May 9, 2019 Alpay Filiztekin Sabancı University Demir Demirgil Lecture "Self-employment (Entrepreneurship?) in Turkey"
May 3, 2019 Mustafa Oğuz Afacan Sabancı University School Choice with Vouchers Abstract
Apr 30, 2019 Konstantinos Matakos King's College London Diversity without Adversity: Social Tie Formation with Natives Mitigates Identity-based Bias towards Refugees Abstract
Apr 19, 2019 Emekcan Yücel Boğaziçi University Candidate Dislikability and Policy Extremism Abstract
Apr 12, 2019 İnci Gümüş Sabancı University Model-Based Estimation of Sovereign Default Abstract
Apr 5, 2019 Simon Quinn University of Oxford Learning Management through Matching: A Field Experiment Using Mechanism Design Abstract
Mar 29, 2019 Gözde Çörekçioğlu Kadir Has University Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Proximity to Health Care and Electoral Outcomes (with F. Serkant Adıgüzel and Aslı Cansunar) Abstract
Mar 15, 2019 David Kiss Leibniz University Hannover High Stakes Testing and Student Achievement Abstract
Mar 1, 2019 Alp Atakan Koç University Price Discovery in a Large Auction with Costly Information” joint work with Mehmet Ekmekci Abstract
Feb 25, 2019 Emre Ekinci University Carlos III de Mardid The Effect of Firing Costs on Worker Productivity and Turnover: Theory and Evidence Abstract
Feb 15, 2019 Doruk Cengiz University of  Massachusetts, Amherst Seeing Beyond the Trees: Using Machine Learning to Estimate the Impact of Minimum Wages on Affected Individuals Abstract
Feb 11, 2019 Alparslan Tuncay University of Chicago Assortative Mating and Inequality Abstract
Feb 8, 2019 Resul Cesur University of Connecticut Did the War on Terror Ignite a Veteran Opioid Epidemic? Abstract
Jan 25, 2019 Çağlar Özden World Bank Moving for Prosperity: Global Migration & Labor Markets Abstract