Fall 2016

Friday, 3:00-4:30 pm*
Wednesday, 3:00-4:30 pm*

Department of Economics Murat Sertel Lounge, Natuk Birkan Building*

Organizers: Murat Koyuncu & Deniz Selman

Date Speaker Affiliation Title of the Paper
Dec 13, 2016 Elif F. Acar Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba "Dynamic Vine Copula Models for Multivariate Time Series Data" Joint with Claudia Czado (Technische Universit at M unchen) Abstract
Dec 12, 2016 Turgut Kışınbay Senior Analyst, Oppenheimer Funds "ABD'de yeni ekonomik politika rejimi ve potansiyel küresel etkileri" (joint with Econfin)
Dec 2, 2016  Sinan Sarpça  Koç University "Does School Matter? Estimating Value-Added at Highly Selective Schools" (joint work with Ahmet Alkan) Abstract
Nov 25, 2016 Gonzague Vannoorenberghe  IRES, Université Catholique de Louvain  "Resource rents and imports of luxury" Joint with D. Hillrichs (Tilburg) Abstract
Nov 18, 2016 Suut Doğruel  Marmara University "Chinese Economic Expansion and the Manufacturing Sector in the MENA Region" joint with Confucius Institute at BU
Nov 11, 2016  Kıvanç Karaman Boğaziçi University "Money and Monetary Stability in Europe, 1300-1914"
Nov 4, 2016  Nejat Anbarcı  Deakin University  "Attraction-Effect Heuristics" Abstract
Oct 21, 2016 Muhammed Ali Yıldırım Koç University  "Structure of Comparative Advantage" Abstract
Sep 21, 2016 Beate Jochimsen Berlin Schooll of Economics and Law "On the Political Economy of National Tax Revenue Forecasts – Evidence from OECD Countries"
Sep 05, 2016 Erol Akçay University of Pennsylvania  "Evolution of preferences, incentives, and social networks"
Jun 04, 2016  Wendy Carlin & Sam Bowles University College London & Sante Fe Institute  A debate on teaching "Introduction to Economics" – CORE Workshop
May 16, 2016
May 17, 2016 
  BU Journal/CEE 30th Anniversary Conference
May 10, 2016  Ege Yazgan Bilgi University  2016 Prof. Demir Demirgil Lecture "Türkiye'de Ekonomik Büyüme Neden Bu kadar Dalgalı ?"
May 02, 2016 David Blake City University London "Defined Contribution Pension Plans: Optimal Funding and Investment Strategies" (joint with Econfin)
Apr 29, 2016   Orhan Torul Boğaziçi University "Intergenerational Educational Mobility in Turkey" 
Apr 15, 2016 Keith Head  UBC "Brands in Motion: How Frictions Shape Multinational Production" Abstract
Apr 08, 2016  İrem Güçeri  Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation "Effectiveness of Fiscal Incentives for R&D: Quasi-Experimental Evidence" Abstract
Apr 06, 2016 Ramazan Gencay Simon Fraser University "Price Impact of Aggressive Liquidity Provision" Abstract
Apr 01, 2016  Simon Quinn University of Oxford  "Self-Employment, Capital and Job Search in Urban Ghana: Evidence from a Structural Model"
Mar 25, 2016 Alpaslan Akay  University of Gothenburg  "Home Sweet Home? Macroeconomic Conditions in Home Countries and the Well-Being of Migrants" 
Mar 11, 2016 Orhan Aygün Boğaziçi University  "Dynamic Reserves in Matching Markets With Contracts: Theory and Applications" Abstract
Feb 15, 2016 Sevcan Yeşiltaş  Johns Hopkins University "The Collateral Channel: Real Estate Prices and Firm Leverage" 
Feb 12, 2016 Mark Hallam University College Dublin  "Mixed-Frequency Macro-Financial Spillovers" Abstract
Feb 10, 2016 Galip Kemal Özhan University of Washington "Financial Intermediation, Resource Allocation,and Macroeconomic Interdependence" Abstract
Feb 08, 2016 Hosny Zoabi New Economic School "Women’s Liberation as a Financial Innovation"
Feb 05, 2016 Gunda-Alexandra Detmers Freie Universität Berlin "Forward Guidance under Disagreement - Evidence from the Fed’s Dot Projections"
Feb 04, 2016 Malik Çürük Tilburg University "Structural Transformation and Technological Progress"
Feb 03, 2016 Onur Altındağ City University of New York "Son Preference, Fertility Decline, and the Non-Missing Girls of Turkey"
Feb 01, 2016 Metin Uyanık Johns Hopkins University "Computation of Stationary Equilibrium Payoffs in Coalitional Bargaining"
Jan 29, 2016 Rigissa Megalokonomou University of Warwick "Knowing who you are: The Effect of Feedback on Short and Long Term Outcomes"
Jan 25, 2016 Mert Kimya Brown University "Equilibrium Coalitional Behavior"
Jan 22, 2016 Egle Karmaziene Stockholm School of Economics "Motives for Entrepreneurial Saving: Evidence from Sweden"
Jan 19, 2016 Levent Kockesen Koc University "Optimal Delegation of Sequential Decisions: The Role of communication and Reputation"